About us


  Global Modern International School (GMIS) is located at Country Heights, Kajang. The  school offer  kindergarten, primary and secondary education that follows the Cambridge curriculum (IGCSE) .  

 Our mission is to deliver high quality education and the management is committed to allocating sufficient resources to achieve the school’s long term objectives We Stress on self-discipline and nurturing our students to achieve highest standard of achievement to enable them to enrol into varsities of high repute overseas.  

  Training our students to work independently and through effective communication skills to strive for the best in life is utmost importance through our endeavor to deliver the best for them.  


 Nurturing universal mindsets of world-class standard with loving and caring disposition .

Mission :

  Holistic development for ACE (Academic and Co-Curriculum Excellence) students through the following initiatives :  

  Nurture students to think critically, innovatively, creatively and positively .
  Develop students intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically . 
  Inculcate good behavior, leadership traits, filial piety, appreciative,excellent mannerism, receptive towards accepted conventions and sportsmanship.
  Instill the spirit of one’s origin but receptive towards constructive ideas, rational       suggestions and tolerance towards differing cultures, religions, beliefs and practices.
  Encourage students to work, independently and diligently with full optimism in the quest for knowledge.
  Motivate students to excel in instructional leadership, and communication (inter and intra personal skills) and decision-making skills through leadership training.

Goals and Practices :

  Global Modern International School will strive to practice the following:  

  Utilize modern and time-tested curriculum and techniques to produce the desired graduates .
  Our qualified teaching team is prepared to take on the challenges of current and future demands .
  We provide a safe and conducive learning and working environment to promote healthy and positive student-teacher and school-community relationships .
  A security-tight environment and a safe system of student transportation will be made available to meet the parents’ expectation .
  Run a student-portal to encourage the students to interact in a global forum .
  Create activities that will encourage continuous teacher-parent interactions through Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) .

Who We Are

Teaching Methodology / Approach :

  Different methodologies are applied to different age group. However, the school will focus on active learning and learning beyond the classroom -which was proven to be the best hybrid for students in this digital age. Our teaching staff, acting as facilitators, are from varied background and specialization will definitely help your child in acquiring knowledge. They are trained to apply different approaches to different set of kids with different needs.

What will children at GMiS learn ?

  Through GMiS, your child will acquire western knowledge and eastern culture through the learning process. Although we use the IGCSE curriculum, eastern values are incorporated into the curriculum. The IGCSE curriculum that the school follows are in four Key Stages beside kindergaten:  

  Key Stage 1 - Primry Years 1 to 3 - for pupils aged between 5 and 8 years old .
  Key Stage 2 - Years 4 to 6 - for pupils aged between 8 and 11 years old .  
  Key Stage 3 - Years 7 to 9 - for pupils aged between 11 and 14 years old.
  Key Stage 4 - Years 10 to 11 - for pupils aged between 14 and 16 years old .

The Kindergarten and Stage 1 and 2 :

  The Kindergarten (early year foundation) is a very crucial stage where the structure of learning, development and care for children until they reach the age of five years old is nurtured carefully. A conducive, safe and attractive environment are blended well by our expert decorators to achieve the objective. Thereby creating the initial interest for the child to come to school and be able to adapte to school life .  

  Our professional childcare providers, all females, are trained to handle toddlers and kids with a soft approach, coupled with tender loving care. They will stimulate and motivate each child to learn eagerly and prepare them for their future schooling years. The teachers will update the parents on skill development and improvement regularly.  

  The foundation stage structure of learning, development and care will enable the child to learn through a range of activities by engaging students in active learning.

Secondary 1, 2 and the advanced Levels :

  The students in these levels learn throught the teachers application of Active Learning, will be motivated to reach their goals and they will be prepared to take all formal exams.

  They will be equally encouraged to participate in class and in extra-curricular activities and their parents will be updated with their sons/ daughters progress regularly until the end of the school year.