Principal Message ..

Welcome to GMiS! We appreciate this occasion to introduce you to our school and do invite you to visit our campus in Country Heights, Kajang, Selangor where you can see our active learning environments. GMiS is an international educational institution that has a purpose and mission in providing education from nursery school to primary and secondary levels that follows the educational system of the Cambridge curriculum (IGCSE). In GMiS, we deliver high-quality education catering for a wide spectrum of nationalities in Malaysia to enrich appreciation of diverse cultures. We also provide safe and conducive learning and working environment to promote healthy studentteacher and school community. I am confdent that GMiS and all staff will always do their best to groom a learner into a future leader who is able to change himself and others lives.

GMiS Staff ..

Well-qualifed and skilled educators and experienced management team are working based on the most important elements and standards :
- Dedication
- Motivated
- Learning and Training
- Teamwork Commitment
- Involvement in decision making
- Supporting - Collaboration

Teaching Methodology / Approach :

* Different methodologies are applied to different age groups; GMiS always focuses on active learning and learning beyond classrooms - which has been proven to be the best differentiation method inclusive of all students at this digital age. Our teaching staff, who are from various backgrounds, are specialized in a variety of felds which defnitely helps your child acquire knowledge in the best way possible. They are well trained to apply different teaching styles to ft the different learning styles of each learner.

What does your child «really learn at GMiS»? ..

At GMiS, your child acquires in-depth knowledge in an international learning environment where he/she can sharpen his practical skills towards being an independent learner and developing him into leaders.